Maureen Jordan, MD, MPH

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2405 Research Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
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+1 719-522-1135


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Monday 08:30am — 05:00pm
Tuesday 08:30am — 05:00pm
Wednesday 08:30am — 05:00pm
Thursday 08:30am — 05:00pm
Friday 08:30am — 05:00pm
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Maureen Jordan, MD, MPH


  • Kayla
    Dec, 02 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I will never forget the name Maureen Jordan. I am a patient at Penrose's maternal fetal medicine becuase I am high risk after the loss of my first child. So, three weeks ago when my water broke prematurely with my second child I rushed to Penrose hospital. I was completely terrified and knew I was going to lose my precious baby boy. I wanted the on call high risk doctor to be contacted so my baby and I could be helped. Those doctors have been my saving grace, I depended on them for both pregnancies! Dr. Jordan happened to be the on call OB in labor and delivery that day. Dr. Jordan introduced herself and quickly began to tell me that I should have gone to memorial, that I'm technically not their patient and should have gone to another hospital, and that the doctors with maternal fetal medicine needed to educate their patients better, that their job was to consult the the OB's not deliver the patients' babies. Well, I am very educated in the roll that maternal fetal medicine had in my health care. I was asking Dr. Jordan to do just and consult them! She continued to tell me that the hospital had a hierarchy system and that it was her choice to call them or not call them. She then told me that if I stayed in the hospital I would just be bothered every 15 minutes to be checked on and did I really want that. Yes! That was exactly what I was asking for. After your water breaks you usually go into labor 24 hours to a week and she wanted to send me home. I immediately asked to be discharged and then went to Memorial Hospital and was instantly admitted. At Memorial a doctor actually sat down with me explained what was going on, what I should expect, and his first phone call was to maternal fetal medicince! Dr. Jordan didn't give me the time of day . She abused her authority and power. Three days later my son lost his heart beat and I delivered him shortly after. My son died and that is no ones fault, but I deserved to be treated with dignity and respect. My child deserved a chance. I deserved answers and explanations about the health of me and my child, not to be told I was wrong. No one has ever made me feel so mistreated, so hopeless, and so helpless and that is why I will never forget the name Maureen Jordan. I will never set foot in Penrose Hospital ever again becuase of Dr. Jordan.
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